Paris News Update

We have seen sudden and unexpected closures of monuments such as the Catacombs without notice. We are also monitoring this continuously to ensure that everyone on the ground remains as unaffected as possible.

Clients could be impacted by these strikes such as potential late arrivals to meeting points, entrances to museums and for sightseeing with guides, timed touring/experiences or restaurant reservations. Therefore, in the lead up of the arrival of your clients, we would like to suggest that you consider organising a car to stay at their disposal (minimum of 4 hours), so that they are not impacted negatively by these strikes. Traffic will still exist and pick up times will be earlier than usual.

Should you require further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you do have any clients coming to Paris during this period and you are unsure if they will be impacted, please call us for assistance at +33 1 77 72 17 31 or by emailing: Booking.Paris@Qofclubs.com

Thank you for your continued support! Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2020!