News From Paris - National Strike 5th of December!

News from our Paris office!

You might be aware of the planned National strike action (trains, buses and Metro, airports and Air France) in France on December 5th, as well as the recurring Yellow Vest movement on Saturdays in December and January.

At the moment, Queen of Clubs cannot guarantee any short usage of cars during the national strike, such as transfers on the 5th December. However, cars booked for a minimum of 8 hours will not be affected.

The Queen of Clubs team will monitor and advise all travelling clients. On Saturdays, QOC recommends avoiding city centres and enjoying Paris’ surroundings such as a trip to beautiful Versailles, Champagne or to the Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte.

The opening hours of some attractions in Paris (and the rest of France) might be affected, however, the City of Light will still be its same romantic self for your visit!

With love Queen of Clubs France x