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  • Dear Sylvia, we are back in Chicago and everything went smoothly. Thank you all again for your help. We all had a great time in France!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • She organized several terrific private tours and dinner reservations which were great choices.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer Virgilio made the logistical arrangements for much of our March 2017 trip to London, Bruges, Normandy and Paris. She went above and beyond. She was an absolute delight to deal with, "got" us immediately and her advice was not merely useful but sp

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • From the moment we stepped off the plane to moment we left, we felt like our trip was coordinated with care and the perfect balance of guided adventures and free time.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • In all my travels, I have never encountered service like that! We went through the ticketing line, customs, and security at Charles de Gaulle with great ease...in about ten minutes.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer Virgilio and her team were terrific! All were helpful, accessible, organized, knowledgeable, reliable, thorough, responsive...making the pieces of our trip run smoothly.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer and her team were extremely organized and detailed-oriented. We didn’t have one issue or mistake during our stay, which is amazing considering we changed hotels 3 times with multiple guides and tours.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Through continuous communication, Jennifer was able to suggest different things to do as well as suggestions regarding my wife's surprise gift presentation. The highlight was giving her the ring in a renewal proposal aboard a private yacht!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer Virgilio and Sylvia Bury did an excellent job for us. All communications were easy, and they executed it perfectly. They provided us with excellent guides who really worked extra miles... Thumbs up!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • I cannot thank you enough! I will definitely contact you the next time they travel through Europe and will recommend you to all of his friends.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous trip to Paris I had in April. Thank you once again for making my stay so wonderful!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • We had a wonderful three days in Paris!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer, the entire trip, Paris and Rome, worked out beautifully. ​​​​​​​Your guides were superb in engaging the Children and enlightening the adults at the same time.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Everything was perfect, the tours, the drivers, the events….memories of a lifetime were made during our trip - it was priceless!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • I found you and your office staff to be professional, timely, and very easy to work with. Thank you again for organising such a wonderful trip for us. The entire family agrees that it was the trip of a lifetime!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Thank you for everything. The trips that you have arranged for us have been truly great!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer and team, thanks so much for arranging our wonderful trip. All of the events you arranged for us went off like clock work. Thank you all again for the great teamwork that allowed us to share our love of France with our grandsons.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • We had a such a wonderful time in the South of France.I especially loved the daily text messages from your team. I didn't want to leave!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • thank you for an incredible WOW Moment! It exceeded our imaginations!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Once again, thank you to you and your team for all the work put into this itinerary. We were saying last night that we are spoiled by you and having a hard time imagining not using you for these trips!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • The stables tour was absolutely a once in a lifetime treat. Thank you again for another WOW trip!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Sicily was absolutely fabulous! We had a fantastic WOW this afternoon!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer, it was perfection!!! Beyond anything I could have imagined thanks to you and Wendy!!! Your team was outstanding every way! I would never do another trip without you!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Jennifer is candid, smart, charming and incredibly responsive. She organized several terrific private tours and dinner reservations which were great choices.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • The guides were great, the hotel was awesome…my family had an extraordinary time. It will take them some time, maybe 20 years, for my children to understand and comprehend what they saw and everything they did!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • The Normandy and Paris trip was wonderful and very much met our expectations. Very much appreciated your work and that of your team!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Thank you for putting together an incredible itinerary and hotel stay for our trip, everything was perfect! I look forward to using your services again and will definitely refer you to our friends. 

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • We want to thank you and your team for putting together an unforgettable trip for me and my family! The guides as always were spectacular. They had the attention of my 19 year old granddaughter - not an easy task!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Dear Jennifer, Antionette, Anulfo, Adriana, and the Queen of Clubs team, we cannot thank you enough for the incredible job you did in planning our November trip to Paris. It was truly unforgettable - one might even say, "the trip of a lifetime!"

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • It was an incredibly smooth experience, which is what we needed for such a short trip!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Hi Jennifer, our trip to France and Italy was truly exceptional. Your team did a great job at communications and logistics planning, and everything went without a hitch!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • I wanted to create an unforgettable experience for my daughter’s 16th birthday. Words cannot express how perfect this trip was! If you have the opportunity to take advantage of this, please do it! We loved it.

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • The VIP Airport Meet-and-Greet, especially for departure flights, you will be taken to the front of every line and whisked through the airport in mere moments. I don’t know how we will ever endure waiting at the airport again. We are utterly spoiled now!

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • I just wanted to let you know that Stephane is absolutely terrific! He is incredibly impressive and much more than I could have expected. Last night’s dinner at the Chateaux was really exceptional. A really special night. Thanks to you! 

    WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • We sincerely want to thank your entire team for helping us to achieve our goal. Your assistance will never be forgotten. It will be hard to say goodbye.

    Robin Wilkins

  • I talked with my client the other day about her trip and she had such amazing things to say about the half-day wine tour they went on in Lyon!

    Atlanta, USA - KK Travel Worldwide - Mason Wood

  • Thank you so much for, as always, delivering such fantastic experiences to our clients!

    Atlanta, USA - KK Travels Worldwide - Alexandra Korey

  • Your teams have been so great in getting responses to me quickly and they are so good in relaying information correctly while efficiently avoiding a lot of going back and forth!

    Atlanta, USA - Michele Wise Travel - Michele Wise

  • Clients came back so happy and congratulating all of you with special mention of the guide that took special care of the ladies during the visits.

    Barcelona, Spain - Southern Cross - Ignasi Xipel

  • Thank you for planning a wonderful trip, Queen of clubs is the best!

    Beverly Hills - Protravel International - Merrick Huckin

  • Thank you so much Kenza! They said it was one of the best trips they ever had.

    Beverly Hills, USA - Protravel International Inc. - Barbara Howard

  • ​​​​​​​They absolutely RAVED about their boat experience in Paris and said that seeing the Eiffel tower from that vantage point was an all-time travel highlight.

    Beverly Hills, USA - Smart Flyer - Kara Slater

  • The clients just reached out to me with the most amazing feedback about their trip! They had such a wonderful time, and specifically noted how amazing their guides were.

    Birmingham - KHC Grand Travel - Katie Crago

  • It was amazing and the captain and guide were perfect. We loved every minute!

    Birmingham, England - Brownell Travel - Clayton Trotter

  • You were a dream to work with! I couldn’t be happier with how it all went and my client’s continually raved about everything. I really enjoyed working with you and will wholeheartedly recommend your services to other advisors!

    Birmingham, England - Brownell Travel - Catherine Parker

  • Congratulations for your job, our client is happy with his stay in Paris. Thanks again and warm regards!

    Buenos Aires, Argentina - Furlong Fox - Lia Figini

  • My friends, another BEAMING report from my client! You have made their year, and mine! When I tell my clients you are my destination partner, you have truly proven it. 

    California - Altitude Luxury Experiences - John M Beeler

  • You guys knocked it out of the park with this one! Appreciate you all!

    California - Away We Globe - Michelle London

  • The boat from Marseilles was fantastic. The whole group was blown away!

    California - Cadence Travel - Justyna Smith

  • Hi Imane, my parents said they had a wonderful time in Paris. They are very hard-to-please people and they said the tour guide for the Louvre especially was one of the best they’ve ever had!

    California - Ciao Bambino - Melissa Rosdahl

  • My clients, who are in Paris right now, told me that your company is EPIC!

    California - Protravel International - Annette Sordoni

  • Thank you so much! We have enjoyed our time immensely and your services have been top notch!

    California - The Hello Agency - Beth Simms

  • They will have memories for a lifetime all in thanks to your hard work. As he was telling me of his travels, I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes. This makes what we do all worthwhile.

    California - TTW Travel the World - Tami Teaford-Williams

  • A pleasure working with you.. and why? The prompt updates and timely feedback!

    California, USA - Cadence Travel - Jane Rosenkrantz

  • They had a wonderful trip. All the hotels and the drivers were terrific!

    Chicago, USA - Jetset - Michelle Pragnell Gordon

  • Thank you so much for the hard work that went into it. Really the entire trip was executed great and we enjoyed it very much!! I don’t know what was our favorite- they were ALL really great! We wouldn’t change anything, to be honest.

    Chicago, USA - Jetset World Travel Inc - Jill Taylor

  • The trip has been exceptional! Great job! Your Paris people from Queen of Clubs, are the BEST.

    Chicago, USA - Nomadic Souls - Kate Corey

  • Thank you Sylvia, I do so appreciate your hard work to finalize these late change details!

    Colorado, USA - Destination by Design Travel - Jane Folsom

  • I received a text message from Court Westcott yesterday when they got home to Dallas saying: “The trip was perfection.”

    Dallas - The Tynan Travel Company – Virtuoso Member - Melanie Harding

  • You all did an amazing job. I could not have pulled this off without you. Thanks to each of you for making the clients first trip to Paris unforgettable. Everything was fantastic!

    Dallas, Texas, USA - Campbell Travel - Wade Benham

  • Just so you know... I’m not one to give accolades unless they are truly warranted. That being said... The arrival was flawless. I have not been ushered through customers so quickly.

    Dallas, USA - GG Luxury Travel - Gina Porter, Client's Testimonial

  • I can’t thank you guys and your team enough for all your work on what was truly a magical trip for my family and me.

    Dallas, USA - Next Exit Travels - Haleigh Scott

  • There is absolutely no way I could have pulled this off without your help! I’ve used other services for Italy, and QofC far exceeds on every level, from start to finish!

    Dallas, USA - Travel Designs - Wade Benham

  • An outstanding organisation with great follow through! Kudos to them & to you for selecting them as a partner!

    Dallas, USA - Travel Leaders - Phillip Overton

  • Your team was brilliant! Really lovely working with you and certainly going to use you for all of my clients. Very impressed! Thank you for making my life easier!

    Denver - Align Lifestyle Management - Nicole Adams

  • We could not have been more pleased!

    Denver, USA - Brownell Travel - Catherine Parkin

  • Queen of Clubs did a tremendous job for us!

    Encino, Los Angeles, USA - ProTravel International - Earl Starkey, Client's Testimonial

  • The trip was spectacular and exceeded our very high expectations. I would not change anything!

    Encino, Los Angeles, USA - ProTravel International - Earl Starkey

  • Another statement of how great Queen of Clubs is! Instead of making excuses and ruining this special day you quickly jumped in to action and made this right! Merci!

    Encino, Los Angeles, USA - ProTravel International - Annette Sordoni

  • Incredible work in Paris with Queen of Clubs. The owner - Filippo knows everyone who is anyone in the City of Lights!

    Encino, Los Angeles, USA - ProTravel International - Anette Sordoni

  • My clients departed Paris this morning after extending their trip by 2 days.  They were having so much fun that they decided to stay longer. I just wanted to let you know what a great job they did.

    Germany - Explore More Family Travel - Jen Campbell Boles

  • The client LOVE Queen of Clubs. Thank you for taking such great care of them. Lynn and I appreciate our partnership.

    Greenville, South Carolina, USA - Thornton-Hall Travel - Lisa Hall

  • It had been a pleasure. I hope we will have the opportunity to work together in the future.

    Irving, Texas, USA - Am Bespoke Travel - Alex Moir

  • Estelle, I just wanted to pass the below exceptional feedback along to you and your team! Thank you for making this so special! I always trust that QofC will go above and beyond and you did 100% for these clients as always.

    Las Vegas - Smartflyer Jetset & Travel - Addie Bell

  • The client was extremely happy with all the touring and all went well!

    London - Chartwell Luxury Travel - Lindy Sack

  • I am so happy I called you the day I was mulling over the trip to Paris. You absolutely made my dream happen.

    London - Chartwell Travel - Lisa Prosser

  • Hi Jennifer, I love your team and working with them. They are so buttoned up!

    London - Frosch - Dave Kass

  • A very good job in a very short time! They enjoyed very much their time!

    London, England - Parnassus Travel Group - Nikki Rawden

  • We thoroughly enjoyed it and had fun. Thank you for your help!

    London, England - ProTravel International - Aanchal

  • I like how well the team works together to ensure everything is taken care of and everything is covered in case of emergency.  It gives me lots of faith in 'DMCs' which previously I have not had great luck with!  

    Los Angeles - Archipelagos Travel Design - Jennifer Curran

  • Thank you so much, Naike! The clients absolutely loved their trip, and spoke very highly about the services from Queen of Clubs – in each location, France, Switzerland and Italy!

    Los Angeles - New Act Travel - Wade Benham

  • The client really enjoyed their time in Paris, thanks for your kind attention and service.

    Los Angeles - New Act Travel - Judy Martinez

  • Thank you so much for all of your hard work and patience . You made me look so good and I appreciate all you ladies ​​​​​​​

    Los Angeles - The Travel Stylist - Linda Silver

  • Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic experience throughout the entire trip. The trip was unforgettable…we had so much fun.

    Los Angeles, USA - All Star Travel Group - Susan Duffy

  • It was wonderful working with you. The itinerary and payment was painless and you were on top of all the last minute changes, which is greatly appreciated!

    Los Angeles, USA - All Star Travel Group - Nicole Patterson

  • Merci beaucoup! The clients had THE BEST time! Thank you for everything!

    Los Angeles, USA - Elite Travel International - Alyson Nash

  • Fantastic day. The guide was fantastic. She made everything come alive with her stories and ended with a dinner in front of the Eiffel Tower. Queen of clubs is aces!

    Los Angeles, USA - Smart Flyer - Kara Slater

  • Dear Estelle, everything was perfect! I was in contact with the client through the trip and he was happy!

    Miami - Elect Lifestyle - Gabriella Di Falco

  • Thank you so much for your support in booking the trip - everything was so wonderful. My dad had the most incredible time. I will not hesitate to use Queen of Clubs in the future for additional trips!

    Miami - EliteLyfe - Niko Contardi

  • Dear Antoniette and Team, THANK YOU so much for everything! My clients had an amazing time. We are so grateful for your partnership!!!

    Miami - Tate Escapes - Tate Hallford

  • You did an excellent job ensuring all our day-to-day went smoothly. You truly made our overall experience OUTSTANDING and enjoyable!

    Miami, USA - ICA - Alex Gartenfeld

  • You are definitely one of the most concise and professional companies I have ever contacted!

    Miami, USA - ProTravel International - Vanessa Cohen

  • I will forever and always continue to sing the praises of Queen of Clubs! The clients had such an incredible time, and your team was there every step of the way! the clients. I can not begin to thank you all enough....

    Minnesota - Stone Arch Travel - Chris Torgerson

  • Just received the following update from the client and wanted to share it with you! They truly enjoyed their trip - and while people can be quick to complain - it's really nice to hear from those who enjoyed every minute of their trip planned by you!

    Minnesota - Stone Arch Travel - Chris Torgerson

  • "Loved the hotel in Paris and as well as everything Queen of clubs planned.  They were wonderful at keeping me ready for my next adventure with texts etc.  also they had  top notch tour guides!"

    Montgomery - White Glove Destinations - Larissa Hughes

  • Thank you so much for being such a great partner and for continuing to wow my clients!

    Naples, Italy - Tulia Travel - Julia Fisher

  • Their guide made her trip! She said it made the city come to life, she loved everything, and it was a wonderful experience!

    Naples, Italy - Tulia Travel - Julia Fisher

  • I would like to compliment your entire staff for the outstanding and excellent service they provide us during our stay in Paris and Italy! It was impeccable and made our vacation extra special!

    New Port Beach, USA - Social Media - Katherine Nonna

  • Thank you Luana, for everything. It was a challenging request (with lots of changes along the way). No one better to partner with than you and Queen of Clubs!

    New York - Black Sheep Travel - Andrea Strahl

  • THANK YOU so much for all of your help! Your team was great and so helpful throughout the weekend. I really appreciate the partnership and ability to deliver. Really great! 

    New York - Embark Beyond Travel - Janelle Ruhumuliza

  • Dinner at Epicure was amazing. Baptiste showed us into the kitchen to meet the chef!

    New York - Indagare - Alex Shulte

  • Words cannot express our deepest gratitude for your amazing staff who are always available and an absolute pleasure to work with! We have many trips coming up soon so we are going to be busy and just knowing we have true reliable partners makes our job so

    New York - Independent Travel Advisor - Susan Gringauz

  • You all make us look good! You are all just absolutely the BEST!

    New York - Independent Travel Advisor - Susan Gringauz

  • Jennifer, Antoniette has gone above and beyond to make the trip spectacular. The client arrived today and said the service, tours, and hotel have been spectacular!

    New York - Passport Stamps - Lily Szemplinski

  • My client was over the moon with your service. Her exact words:  "The concierge service at CDG was SO worth it.  I would recommend them to my friends."

    New York - Protravel Inc - Inda May

  • Since I have been working with Queen of Clubs, there has never been one mistake. Every trip my clients take is perfect. Thank you for being so generous. My daughter raved about her Versailles tour, and is looking forward to her July trip to Italy!

    New York - Protravel International - Maddy Wolpa

  • Dear Jennifer, On behalf of our committee, which represents all of the employees of our great company and myself we want to say thank you. We reached out to our advisors and asked them to recognize anyone who has gone above and beyond

    New York - Protravel International - Andy Pesky

  • The tours have been nice and efficient, and we’ve seen an insane amount of things in the first 30-36 hours of the trip. The room is amazing- the views of the Eiffel Tower brought tears to my eyes!

    New York - Smart Flyer - Robert Merlin

  • Hi Maeva, the clients had a GREAT trip. They LOVED Normandy so much and texted me personally thanking me for arranging. 

    New York - SmartFlyer - Kara Foster

  • I wanted to follow up and thank you for all your hard work on the client's itinerary. The client wrote to us with a great, detailed feedback and it was amazing, so complimentary thanks to your hard work. 

    New York - Smartflyer - Julie Hayes

  • Hi Arnulfo, Just wanted to pass along this amazing feedback from my client. Cannot thank you enough, we were all blown away, had the most amazing special time because of all of your hard work and research! THANK YOU!

    New York - Smartflyer - Jessica Bruns

  • WOW - our trip was absolutely perfect. Thanks again for making this trip so special for my Mom and me - it is a memory we will have forever!

    New York - SmartFlyer - Erin Trager-Kusman

  • Bonjour Jose Miguel, thank you so much! I am so grateful for your quick turnaround. You helped me win over a new client!

    New York - SmartFlyer - Erin Trager-Kusman

  • The clients loved everything about their special Italy and Paris trip with Queen of Clubs! I wish you a wonderful holiday!

    New York - Valerie Wilson Travel - Susan Gringauz

  • Our clients have nothing but positive feedback. The WhatsApp group chat with your 24 hours emergency contact is a game changer! Your entire team makes us look like rock stars and we look forward to planning lots more trips! 

    New York - Valerie Wilson Travel - Susan Gringauz

  • Many thanks to you and your team for helping us plan a very memorable trip! The communication during our trip was excellent. We will definitely return to beautiful Paris again.

    New York - VIP Traveler - Claire Gurfein

  • Hi guys – As expected, I’ve received some extensive feedback from the clients. Amazing! Alex, they LOVED  everything!!   

    New York City - Human x Nature Travel - Claudia Riegelhaupt

  • I can genuinely say that our trip was the best, most fun vacation I've ever had. It's incredibly meaningful that you both listened to my concerns and addressed them so well!

    New York City - Pro Travel - Christian Fratello

  • " My husband and I really appreciated the text to confirm our itinerary the night before each venue. We would definitely recommend Queen of Clubs as we continue to explore other cities! "

    New York City - Pro Travel - Christian Fratello

  • Thank you so much for all your help and hard work. Despite the craziness of canceling and rescheduling, everything you did truly made the most majestic city that much more special! Please thank the entire queen of clubs team.

    New York City - SmartFlyer - Lauren Maggard

  • Jennifer and her team came through brilliantly. The guides were even better than I had expected. There seemed to be many people behind the scenes taking care of us. In all, I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Jennifer's team.

    New York, USA - WendyPerrin.com Reader

  • Thanks so much for organising this for us. I learned so much in four hours that I can hardly believe it. It was so special.

    New York, USA - In The Know Experiences - Lindsey Sullivan

  • Everything was perfect and everything ran like a well-oiled clock. Could not have been better!

    New York, USA - Bear & Bear Travel - Efua Southern

  • All I have heard is that the trip was a huge success and the “trip of a lifetime” !

    New York, USA - Brownell Travel - Katherine Norton

  • That kind of effort raises you above and beyond!

    New York, USA - Ciao Bambino - Barbara Weindling

  • We could not have seen or enjoyed our honeymoon half as much without you. The service was truly exceptional… you made every moment magical and smooth! You were so incredible to us!

    New York, USA - Coveted Journeys - Katy Hentenaar, Client's Testimonial

  • Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for going above and beyond and truly making me look like a ROCK STAR! I couldn’t have done it without you and your team, and I very much look forward to working together again soon!  

    New York, USA - Coveted Journeys - Katy Hentenaar

  • You guys are so impressive to pull this together at the last minute! 

    New York, USA - Desert to Sea Travel - Juliana Mulholland

  • Good morning Datevik, I just spoke with the clients this morning, and they said that it was the best trip they ever took in their lives!

    New York, USA - Embark Beyond - Cali Hersh

  • They had such a great time in Paris, thank you for all your help in making it such a great trip for them!

    New York, USA - Four Hundred - Sonia Shalom

  • My client told me it was one of the best trips they've ever taken. Top 5 she said.

    New York, USA - In the Know Experiences - Jolie Goldring

  • Datevik, thank you for everything you did for them. They just LOVE Queen as Clubs as much as I do!

    New York, USA - Local Foreigner - Elizabeth Walsh

  • I wanted to thank you all for your attention to details and great work with this itinerary!

    New York, USA - Memories Forever Travel Group - Hadas Chechik

  • ​​​​​​​The team has been beyond wonderful! It means the world to have the support of such a great partner like Queen of Clubs.

    New York, USA - My Leisurely - Rachel Fried

  • We love this hotel! Loved our guide today! And Queen of Clubs has been so amazing in keeping me informed of the plans, love them!

    New York, USA - Number 1 Travel - Donna Guttman

  • Thank you! It truly was a fantastic trip. We appreciate all your help and communication. You will hear from us again on a future visit.

    New York, USA - Our Personal Guest - Kunjali Shah, Client's Testimonial

  • My client enjoyed the hotel very much and said it was the best there!

    New York, USA - ProTravel International - Susan Ponte

  • Dear Sandy, their pricing is the best in the industry and always presented with photos and details. You can book with Queen of Clubs with assurance. You are in excellent hands.

    New York, USA - Protravel International - Siobhan Hennessy

  • You are all golden and I greatly appreciate and enjoy working with all of you!

    New York, USA - ProTravel International - Janice Martorano

  • ...“beyond amazing” the tour of the Eiffel Tower was so great and the cooking class was even better!

    New York, USA - ProTravel International - Ann St Hilaire

  • it was the best meet and greet and transfer they have ever had in Paris!

    New York, USA - Roberta Sonnino Travel - Tom McLaughlin

  • They had the quintessential Parisian Christmas experience, loved their rooms, loved their dining, loved their guides and their activities... c'était la perfection! You really made the clients’ experience amazing, and made me look like a rock star!

    New York, USA - Smart Flyer - Rebecca Alesia

  • Again thank you for assisting me through this insane, last minute and crazy trip!

    New York, USA - Smart Flyer - Orit Wagner

  • Major shout out to Queen of Clubs who managed in the late NY hours and early Paris hours, were able to get my clients on a private plane out of Paris...

    New York, USA - Smart Flyer - Kyle Seltzer

  • Client said the experience in Paris was just awesome so they simply had a great time!

    New York, USA - Smart Flyer - Beth Petcove

  • I’m still in shock from the outrageous and deeply meaningful proposal that you and Dave created. It was a true fairy tale to be at the Palais Garnier and to say “oui” on stage!

    New York, USA - Smartflyer - Lauren Grubbs

  • We had an amazing time in Paris and wanted to thank you for all your help with the tours.

    New York, USA - Travel Experts - Jeff Traugot

  • I just wanted to report that literally everything on this trip was an A-plus. Really special trip (A satisfied client)

    New York, USA - Tzell - Rabia Shahenshah

  • The company I use is Queen of Clubs ... and I must say that everyone who uses them, has been delighted.

    New York, USA - Tzell Travel Group - Robert Kunikoff

  • You guys were great and so helpful! Much appreciated!!

    New York, USA - Valerie Wilson Travel - Samantha Nick

  • We were so pleased with everything! You and your team made sure that we did not have to worry about anything. We would highly recommend your services to anyone who asks - everything was fabulous.

    New York, USA - Valerie Wilson Travel - Judy Kurzban, Client's Testimonial

  • We love Queen of Clubs! Thank you so much for setting up such great experiences for our FAM and all of the amazing work you do for our clients!

    New York, USA - Walker & Hays - Rachel Hays

  • Such a great itinerary!

    Newport Beach, USA - Smart Flyer - Taylor Methfessel

  • Yulia, We had outstanding feedback from our Bordeaux group of 10! Thank you for the hard work you put into this for us, and please make sure to let everyone involved know how grateful we are.

    North Carolina - J5Travel - John Rees

  • We had the absolute best time in France! All of our guides were excellent, all of our transfers worked perfectly too. Just could not have been a better trip, thank you!

    North Carolina - Travel Experts Arizona - Christie Darby

  • I can honestly say that without amazing partners and friends like the teams at Queen of Clubs we could not be as successful, knowledgeable and create such lasting wonderful memories for our clients!

    North Carolina - Your Travel Designer - Jolene Detillion

  • I just wanted to let you know the tickets were amazing! Thank you again!!

    Orlando, USA - Bach Travels - Suzy Stein

  • The Driver and guides were great!! Thank you again!

    Orlando, USA - Katie Bean Travel - Katie Merrigan, Client's Testimonial

  • The clients' treasure hunt yesterday went wonderfully! Another success! :) 

    Paris - Les Visites Particulières - Angelina Sammarco

  • A HUGE thank you for taking care of the 4 ladies. You helped me get this on track and delivered a wonderful program that was executed extremely well.  My sincere thank you!

    Pennsylvania - Aspire Travel - Fred Robbins

  • Good Morning Luana, I couldn’t sleep. If I could hug you right now, I would! You and the team are amazing. Can’t wait to work with you again!  

    Pennsylvania - Whirlaway Travel - Stacey Blum

  • The greeter service at CDG is fantastic! I was very impressed and very thankful, to be guided through the airport with such ease. We would never have made our connection without your assistance.

    Raleigh, North Carolina, USA - Wanderwell Journeys - Sharon Gruber

  • THANK YOU, you NAILED IT! These are incredibly well-traveled clients and they RAVED about everything. Peyton, the daughter, loved the guide so much she asked to be adopted haha!

    San Francisco - Azurine - Michelle Murre

  • Hi Arnulfo, the clients had a fabulous time and loved the guides! Appreciate your partnership and assistance!

    San Francisco - Savanti Travel - Leigh Rowan

  • THANK YOU! Nailed it, yet again. Thanks for really getting special guides for the family it really made the difference.

    San Francisco, USA - Azurine Travel - Michelle Murre

  • Beyond their excellent knowledge, response time and cheerfulness, the itineraries are excellent. Really interesting and perfectly tailored for each client!

    San Francisco, USA - Azurine Travel - Michelle Murre

  • Thank YOU Jennifer! We had an amazing time. You will definitely be hearing from my team. The service has been amazing and the attention to details!

    San Juan, Puerto Rico - Condado Travel Inc - Carmen Teresa Targa

  • We arrived home yesterday and wanted to thank you all for putting together a spectacular European vacation!

    Santa Monica - Beyond BB - Scott Parry

  • Our partner travel agency just spoke to the clients, and they said they had a wonderful time in Paris! In their own words: "Everything was perfectly amazing, from the beginning until the end!" It's so good to know we can count on a partner like you!

    São Paulo - Blue Papaya - Fernanda Ammirabile

  • Thank you and all your team for such an amazing job, pulled out in such an amazing way. It’s great to know that we have partners who can help us with that kind of request

    São Paulo, Brazil - Jazz Side - Guilherme Gomes

  • Queen of Clubs service in Paris has been top notch! Thank you so much!

    St. Louis, Missouri, USA - Smart Flyer - Robert Merlin

  • We express our deepest appreciation for the wonderful, stress-free handling of our greetings and transfers to and from the airport. Laurent and the drivers were excellent!

    Texas - Brenda's Adventure Travel - Brenda Tosso, Client's Testimonial

  • Just recovering from all the excess and indulgence! Thanks for all you work managing the moving pieces for such a large and fussy bunch. Well done!

    Texas - Travel By Kiki - Kiki Hoener

  • Thanks for making our first venture working together as an amazing experience.

    Toronto, Canada - TTI Travel - Cindy Ducasse

  • No doubt, our trip was a once in a lifetime adventure! you all did a great job, and we appreciate it very much, your team made this a lasting lifetime memory.

    USA - KHC Grand Travel - Katie Crago

  • Our trip was truly special thanks in large part to you and your team we were blown away by all that you did.

    Venice, Italy - Go With Gustavee - Judy Konkoly

  • This was so smooth. I can't wait to work with you again soon!

    Vienna, Austria - Lily Pond Luxury - McLean Robbins

  • We had an amazing time in Paris and want to thank you so very much and anyone on your team who assisted you and who assisted us while there!

    Virginia - Abbitt Firm PLLC - Julia Chico Abbitt

  • Jennifer, the experiences you’ve arranged for us have been amazing and we loved them!

    Washington - King & Whitson - Diane Stone

  • Jennifer, in the midst of this strike in Paris, you, your team and the incredible connections and services you provide made our airport process flawless! Our greeter was fabulous and she turned into a pleasure what could have been a nightmare.

    Washington DC - King & Whitson - Diane Stone

  • The feedback I received from my clients about their trip to Paris for the Champions League game was that you KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! I can't thank you all enough for making this trip an incredible experience for them. You guys are the best!

    Waterbury - Largay Travel - Heather Bahora

  • I cannot thank you enough for all the help and support! I have made reservations at Paloma a few times (pre-covid) and it was SO hard! So that is why I wanted you to do it! I already have people very interested after seeing pictures from this year!

    Wisconson - Magnolia Travel Group - Jane Halbert Jones

  • The clients had a marvelous time! Everything you arranged was top-notch. All great! Thanks for all your hard work….we have very happy clients!

    Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA - Singer Travel - Helene Singer

  • Paris was so fun...Queen of Clubs did a great job keeping us posted daily on activities. I would recommend every guide and tour we had/did to anyone. People were all super friendly and we enjoyed it all!

    Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA - Singer Travel - Helene G. Singer


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